Living Services

Allevia provides group accommodation and support to people who have a disability.

Primarily, the service includes the provision of accommodation, either as a single resident, or as part of a group (shared with up to four other residents).

The accommodation consists of living environments which include housing provided either through Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) registered premises, community housing, or properties obtained and leased on the open rental market.

Each resident has their own bedroom, and typically shares all other facilities with those they live with (e.g. common living areas, dining facilities, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms). This depends on the floor plan of the house, and may include granny flats and ensuites as available.

Age Requirements

Adult accommodation support services are only provided to people who are 18 years or older. Due to the age restrictions of the NDIS, accommodation places are generally only available to people under 65 years of age.

Allevia is providing support to some people over 65 who meet the Continuity of Support requirements of the Aged Care Community Programs – Continuity of Support Program (Australian Government Department of Health).

Entry to Services

People who live in an Allevia-run accommodation service pay for their support from their NDIS Plan budget – where the NDIS Participant has approval for shared group living supports based on an approved Supported Independent Living (SIL) Quote prepared for the NDIA by Allevia staff and the Participant.

A person may enter an accommodation support arrangement with Allevia as a self-funded client.

Allevia will send out an Expression of Interest invitation across its networks when it has a vacancy in a shared accommodation residence.

Current Vacancies

We currently have two vacancies – for a copy of the EOI documents please email Catherine Dickson (COO) at

Resident fees

All accommodation residents residing in a group home placement are required to pay fortnightly fees. These fees are used to pay for rent, food, utilities such as phone, electricity, gas, and water, and motor vehicle running costs.

The fees are:

  • For residents who receive a Pension: 75% of the base pension (or equal amount for those in receipt of a reduced pension, and who have other income).
  • For residents who do not have Pension, and who have other income/assets: an amount at least equal to 75% of a Pension).
  • Plus the total amount received as Rent Assistance from Centrelink (assistance is given to apply for this allowance from Centrelink).
  • Plus the Mobility Allowance, where Allevia provides transport to and from day programs or vocational placements (assistance is provided to apply for this allowance from Centrelink).

Fees from residents are paid through the use of the Centrepay facility only (see for more details about this facility).

Service Provision Model

All people receiving support from Allevia must enter into a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the support Allevia will provide and the key responsibilities of the organisation and the person receiving the support.

In keeping with the Disability Service Standards, all residents are supported based on their NDIS Plan, their life goals, and the agreed Schedule of Supports set out in their Service Agreement.

Other supports (e.g. ‘Improved relationships’ or behaviour support, ‘Improved Daily Living’ or skills building supports, and health care planning) can also be provided using an holistic clinical support model.

It is important to remember that whilst we employ some nurses and other allied health professionals, most Allevia staff are not specifically trained health care professionals, and support provided to a resident by our staff is guided by relevant health care professionals in the community, and coordinated through a comprehensive, personal Health Care Plan under the supervision of our Clinical Consultant. Where required (i.e. where a person requires specialist health care), Allevia supports the client to access those services from community based health care services and works to ensure that our staff acquire the training they need to participate in that health care support – similar to that of a parent or unpaid carer.


Allevia provides adult accommodation placements in the South West Sydney, Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health Districts of  New South Wales, Australia.