Living Services

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Allevia provides accommodation support to people who have a disability.

Primarily, the service includes the provision of accommodation, either as a single resident, or as part of a group (shared with up to four other residents).

The accommodation consists of living environments which include housing provided either through Government owned houses, community housing, or properties obtained and leased on the open rental market.

Each resident has their own bedroom, and typically shares all other facilities with those they live with e.g. common living areas, dining facilities, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. This depends on the floor plan of the house, and may include granny flats and ensuites as available.

Age Requirements

Adult accommodation support services are only provided to people who are 18 years or older.

Entry to Services

Allevia receives funding for many of its accommodation services from NSW Family and Community Services – Ageing, Disability, and Home Care (ADHC), who refer people to live in the placements they fund. However, a person may enter an accommodation support arrangement with the Association as a self-funded client.

ADHC Funded Placements

Entry to accommodation placements which are funded by ADHC may only occur through the ADHC Regional Vacancy Management system – the Association does not consider referrals for its funded accommodation services, other than those referred through the funding agency (we will usually advise the referrer to contact the funding agency directly). The Association notifies ADHC if a vacancy in its services becomes available, and then negotiates with ADHC to fill that vacancy with a suitable person who they propose through their vacancy management system. Any person who wishes to be considered for placement with our Association, or generally for consideration for a placement within the funded accommodation network, should contact their local ADHC office.

Self-funded Placements

A person may make a referral by phone or in writing to the Executive Director, if they wish to receive support from the Association regarding accommodation. The Executive Director will consider each referral based on a number of criteria, including:

  • The age of the proposed resident.
  • The type and nature of the supports required.
  • The Association’s capacity to provide the service.
  • The cost of the service and agreed fees.

Resident fees

All accommodation residents residing in a group home placement are required to pay fortnightly fees. These fees are used to pay for rent, food, utilities such as phone, electricity, gas, and water, and motor vehicle running costs.

The fees are:

  • For residents who receive a Pension: 75% of the base pension (or equal amount for those in receipt of a reduced pension, and who have other income).
  • For residents who do not have Pension, and who have other income/assets: an amount at least equal to 75% of a Pension).
  • Plus the total amount received as Rent Assistance from Centrelink (assistance is given to apply for this allowance from Centrelink).
  • Plus the Mobility Allowance, where Allevia provides transport to and from day programs or vocational placements (assistance is provided to apply for this allowance from Centrelink).

Fees from residents are paid through the use of the Centrepay facility only (see for more details about this facility).

Service Provision Model

In keeping with the NSW Disability Service Standards, all residents are supported through a person centred plan – referred to at Allevia as a Lifestyle Plan (the Plan). The Agreement incorporates a documented plan of support (negotiated with each resident), including the resident’s personal goals, an implementation system, monitoring, and reviews (three monthly with a full annual review).

Other supports (e.g. behaviour intervention, health care planning) are provided using an holistic clinical support model, often utilising the skills and experience of our Clinical and Person Centred Planning Consultants.

It is important to remember that Allevia staff are not specifically trained health care professionals, and support provided to a resident by our staff is guided by relevant health care professionals in the community, coordinated through a comprehensive, personal Health Care Plan. Where required (i.e. where a person requires specialist health care), Allevia supports the client to access those services from community based health care services and works to ensure that our staff acquire the training they need to participate in that health care support – similar to that of a parent or unpaid carer.

The types of support we provide to our clients, and the details of shared responsibilities in these arrangements, are detailed in our “Plain English Service & Support Handbook“, which is provided to residents and their families during the entry process.


Allevia provides adult accommodation placements in the South West Sydney District, Sydney, NSW, Australia.