Allevia has over the years developed a comprehensive range of policies which detail our position on certain matters relating to governance, management, and service delivery.

These policies have been regularly reviewed and updated in keeping with our policies and procedures on policy development and maintenance. Special thanks goes to the staff, people using our services, families, and external agency personnel who have actively contributed to the development, review and enhancement of all Allevia policies and procedures.

We are currently revising our policies and procedures to ensure that they comply as close as possible with the National and NSW Disability Service Standards. This means updating the language used and ensuring that all aspects of quality, governance, and person-centred practice is addressed across all of our services.

As legislation and standards change and as the needs of the organisation change, new policies will be developed and existing policies will be reviewed and updated to ensure they continue to meet legislated guidelines, standards, funding requirements, people’s wants and needs, employee needs, and contribute to the improvement of service delivery.

It is the responsibility of each and every employee to make themselves familiar with these manuals and to use them as a reference guide in their daily work practices. We encourage the people who use our services to also engage with these policies and procedures – it is our committment to ensure that each aspect of this system is accessible and easy to understand for everyone.

We welcome feedback about these policies and their implementation and we use that feedback in our regular reviews of these documents.

Our Policies