Location: 618 Tower Road, Bankstown Airport, NSW 2200, Australia.

Phone: (02) 9771 5301  Fax: (02) 9773 9706

Allevia provides personalised services to people with a disability, aged 18 years and over, through its day program, known as ‘Elevate’.

The program is designed to support people with high and complex support needs, but does currently provide services to people with a broad range of varying abilities. Our specialty is providing support for people with behaviour problems who have typically found it hard to access other services because of their behavioural challenges.

Activities: The service provides a range of day activities which the participants have identified as being the activities they want to do. Staff encourage participants to learn community living skills, engage in community activities and events, and develop personal interests in recreation and leisure, including activities which promote:

  • Independence – travel training, mobility, money skills, decision making, interpersonal skills, behaviour management, social responsibility, communication.
  • Positive Image & Self Esteem – via individualised programs, age appropriate activities, personal grooming and presentation skills, personal life milestone celebrations, and reward/award systems.
  • Participation & Integration in the Community – with activities such as bowling, swimming, shopping, barbecues and picnics, attending community festivals and events, participating in recreation and leisure activities including sporting club activities, and attending training activities at TAFE, WEA and community colleges.
  • Employment – pre-vocational training in gardening, hospitality, computer skills, volunteer work, and art and craft programs.

Each person who attends the service has the opportunity to develop a person-centred plan and negotiate what activities and supports they receive from the service.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 3.00pm. There is a service closure over Christmas for a period of approximately four (4) weeks.

Hours of Service: Each person attending the program is able to negotiate the number of hours and days in which they attend. Whilst all effort is made to provide requested hours, there is some consideration given to staff resources, set activities and appropriateness to each person, and group work hours. People wishing to access the service are provided with the opportunity to negotiate with the service about their hours of attendance.

Eligibility: Participants must be 18 years of age or older, must be able to arrange their own transport to and from the program location, and must be able to pay the required fees.

This program is available to people who receive Life Choices and Active Ageing funding.

People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Cost: Attendance fees are negotiated with each person, but as a guide, the daily fee is approximately $40.00, for up to 3 days per week, and $36.00 per day for 4-5 days per week (for a person who is able to be supported as part of a group of up to four). Note that the fees for a person requiring personalised support from staff member at all times will be on a cost recovery basis. Additionally, people are required to pay separately for agreed events and activities in the community.

Applications: To apply for access to the service, please contact the the One Village Director, Deb McEvoy-Herbert, on (02) 9773 8894 or at deb@allevia.org.au , who can assist with this process.