Allevia actively seeks the input of people using our services and families, carers, advocates, Guardians, other agencies, government, community members and employees/volunteers (herein referred to as ‘others’) and encourages them to provide feedback, both positive and negative, as a source of ideas for improving services and activities. Allevia will:

  • foster a service culture that encourages open and honest communication;
  • inform people using our services about the standard of service they can expect;
  • protect the right of people using our services, and stakeholders, to provide feedback and to make complaints about service delivery;
  • encourage and make it easy for people to provide feedback;
  • provide anonymity to people providing feedback, and record and analyse information arising from feedback and use it to improve services.

If you have a complaint then the first thing to do is tell Allevia staff that you are not happy and tell them what you are unhappy about. They may be able to help you fix the problem.

If you feel that you cannot talk about your problem with the staff, or if they have not been able to help you with the problem, you can ask your family/advocate for help and they can help you make your complaint.

You can provide us with feedback here:

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