Services We Provide

Below is an overview of the services Allevia provides. At Allevia, we have been serving the Sydney community since 1978. As a registered Provider with the NDIS, we strive to support people based on individualised goals and aspirations.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don’t hesitate to call us at (02) 9773 8894 or send us an e-mail at

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Living Services

Providing places for people who have a disability to live in the community – houses and units, shared or otherwise, with people there to assist with daily living based on person-centred support arrangements. We provide drop-in style support for those in their own home who need or want very specific types of assistance. Everything we do is planned around personal wants and needs. All accommodation is funded by the residents through their NDIS funding packages. We are currently considering setting up supports for new groups of people who are choosing to live together in the community but who need Allevia’s support.

Support Coordination

Supporting people with a disability to locate and engage with the support services they need in the community.

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One Village

The staff at One Village offers support to people with a disability who want to engage more with their community.

The One Village staff provide tailored individual support and group programs which aim to assist a person to be more active in the community and more independent in that engagement

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Part of the One Village group of services, Elevate is an environment where individuals can engage in activities of their choice which promote community access and participation skills through training and experiential learning. It also includes activities which are just plain fun and which make each day one to remember.

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Clinical Support

Providing support to  families, and individuals who have a disability to address issues relating to behaviour problems, health, mental illness, and skill development. NDIS supports include Improved relationship s and Improved Daily Living. For those without NDIS funding, fees are charged at an hourly rate and are negotiated on a case by case basis.